ASA Conference

A few days ago, I received some great news — at the end of March, I will be reading with one of my favorite poets, Paula Bohince, at the Appalachian Studies Conference in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  Fans of the Scrapper Poet know how much I love Bohince’s work (and so excited that her next book, The Children, will be out in spring 2012!), so I’m thrilled (and a bit nervous, I must admit) to read with her!  The conference also holds other great writers including poets Maggie Anderson, Peter Oresick, and Lori Jakiela. 

This is the first time I have ever planned on attending the Appalachian Studies Association Conference, and I’m really looking forward to the event.  The Appalachian Studies Association is much like the Working Class Studies Association — that is, it’s an interdisciplinary conference, so there will be films, readings, panels about pedagogy and literature, plus panels concerning history and sociology.  I always love these kinds of conferences because I learn so many new things.

I don’t know how many readers I have in the Western/Central Pennsylvania area, but if you live in the area — I would think this is a conference well worth attending, even if you can only make the Saturday events!  Here is the link to the ASA’s website, along with the conference schedule. 



  1. Erin Said:

    Oh, I got to meet Paula at Bread Loaf in 2010 – she was the scholar of my workshop. Her poetry is so moving and she’s such a wonderfully gracious person. I’m so envious!

  2. Karen Said:

    Thanks Erin — I’m so excited that I will have a hard time waiting until March!

  3. Gabe Welsch Said:

    Congrats to you! And happy holidays, Karen!

  4. Happy Holidays!

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