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New Review Posted at Rattle

I interrupt this grading frenzy weekend to announce that my review of Before I Came Home Naked by Christina Olson has been published on Rattle.   I read this book a few months ago — and I fell in love with her work.  I recommend this book as a great Christmas present — for yourself or for others (non poetry readers will enjoy her work, too!).  Christina is also a somewhat local poet (remember — I live in rural Pennsylvania, so anything under two hours is local to me!) having grown up in Buffalo, New York.  I always try to support local artists (in this area, there are so few, and those of us who are here are often in hiding).

Unfortunately, right around the time that I finished the review, I found out that Spire Press is no longer in business.  However, I believe you can still find copies of this book on Amazon. Also, more information can be found at Christina’s blog/website.  Take a look here.