Halloween Writing Prompt

Halloween is in the air here.  The air is cool and damp, and in my neighborhood (which has an after-school-special feel to it), the costume parties are on.  Apparently princesses are big this year.  And zombies.  And zombie princesses.

I digress.  Growing up, most of us knew tales of urban folklore — you know, the killer who torments the babysitter on the phone, Bloody Mary who shows herself if you call her name three times in the mirror, the serial killer with a hook for a hand.  These tales have been analyzed quite a bit in studies related to popular culture.  Of course, we didn’t know they were stories from urban folklore — we just told them to scare ourselves silly.

Katie has a great post about using these stories in our poems — and making them fresh in our writing.  Earlier this week, I drafted a poem titled “How to Pick Up a Vanishing Hitchhiker” — I admit, it’s showing a bit of promise.



  1. Ooh, that’s another of my favorites! Happy Halloween, my poet/friend!

  2. Karen Weyant Said:

    Thanks Katie — in coal country, the vanishing hitchhiker story blends with coal mining ghosts — so there’s lots of dust involved!

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