Wearing Heels Slated for Publication

Exciting News!! I have a cover for my new chapbook!  (It’s perfect — special thanks goes to M. Scott Douglass, publisher/editor, for all his help)  I have blurbs!  Main Street Rag has even posted an author’s page and sample poems.  Take a look here, and please consider pre-ordering a copy!  The release date is scheduled for late January.  I know it’s early — but hey, 2012 will be here sooner than you could ever imagine. 


  1. Hooray! I pre-ordered my copy. Can’t wait! Congratulations again, Karen.

  2. Karen Weyant Said:

    Thanks so much for your support!

  3. Congrats! Looking forward to it!

  4. Maureen Said:

    Congratulations. I ordered a copy and look forward to reading the collection.

  5. Oops. Ha! Sorry for the confusion, Karen. That wasn’t Jeffrey who commented, that was me! Doing too many things at once, apparently. But I ordered your book!

  6. kweyant Said:

    Marie — That is so funny! I wondered…..

    Thanks for your support!

  7. Christopher Munde Said:

    Heels, but no girl; the design worked out very well! Once again, congrats!

  8. Karen Said:

    Thanks Chris!

  9. JoAnne Said:

    Just ordered a copy — a million good wishes to you, Karen, and the book!

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