Shenandoah Goes Digital

I love online journals.  I publish in them, read them, refer the sites to my colleagues and students.  Yet, when Shenandoah announced that it was stopping print publication, I was upset. Shenandoah is a journal that I have read since I was an undergraduate — and many of my favorite poets have been found within its pages.  Still, I’m happy to say that Shenandoah is back — as an online journal.  Have you seen the first issue, yet?  It can be found here.  Take a look — some of my favorite poets, like Denise Duhamel and Michelle Boisseau, are still found within its “pages.”  And the editors are again looking for submissions starting on September 20th.


  1. Sarah Said:

    It’ll be great to be able to read them free and immediately! I must say, though, have I read it right that they nevertheless insist on snail mail submissions? That always seems to me to indicate wanting to take advantage of the revolution without having to participate in it.

  2. Karen Weyant Said:

    I think they are still doing snail submissions, although I thought I read somewhere that they are working on an online submission system.

  3. redmitten Said:

    did not know this. thanks for the link.


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