Finding Routine

I can not believe that tomorrow is September 1! Yes, summer flew by.  And yes, the start of the semester has been crazy, but I’m into the second week of classes so I should be well into my routine.  But I’m not quite there yet.

I have had a few poets come into my life (at readings, through workshops) who have told me that I couldn’t possibly be a poet and keep up the heavy teaching load expected at a community college.  These poets have nice jobs at big name universities with a teaching load of maybe one or two classes (upper level) a semester.  I didn’t get mad at their observations — I was only a bit dumbfounded.  I still am.  Have they looked at the local job market?  Do they know what their students will do for future jobs (especially if they are teaching future poets?)?  Have they looked at past poetry history where poets did many types of “jobs”? 

I’m lucky that I have many poets in my life who never question my career choices.  (Actually, most poets I have run into are supportive of my work).  And I’m also lucky that I have a job I enjoy and learn from everyday.  Yes, I do have a heavy schedule, but in today’s world,  I’m happy to have any schedule at all. 

As for writing?  A writer writes.  A writer finds time.  Hopefully, a writer finds routine.  And as soon as I can find my desk, which is cluttered with schedules, and syllabi and student rosters, I know I will find that routine.


  1. Amen. There are as many different ways to be a writer as there are poems to write. Welcome to the new semester. I remain in denial that the summer is over.

  2. Best wishes to you! It’s a busy life. I taught at both kinds of institutions–the very heavy load, teach every day kind and the alternating day but still heavy load kind. Teaching is a dedicated task. I’m glad when totally dedicated people do it!

  3. Good post. A writer will write no matter what. But it would be nice (though unrealistic) if it were easier.

  4. Karen Said:

    Thanks Marie and Kathleen!

    Jessica — After this week, I need to practice what I preach!

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