Five for the Fall

Classes have started, and this week has been mass chaos.  Yet, in spite of the hot temperatures (80s and a bit muggy), it feels like Fall.  Could it be the new students, the new classes, the new office supplies?  (I love office supply stores — simply love them.)  I hope to write longer posts soon, but for now, here are five poetry books I’m dreaming about for the Fall:

  1. The Torah Garden by Philip Terman
  2. American Busboy by Matthew Guenette
  3. Poetry in America by Julia Spicher Kasdorf
  4. Instructions for Killing the Jackal by Erica Wright
  5. Hurricane Party by Alison Pelegrin

All of these books are either forthcoming in the near future or are out right now, and I haven’t had time to purchase them yet — except for Kasdorf’s book, which just came in the mail today!  I’m so excited about this book — Kasdorf is one of my favorite contemporary poets, and she hasn’t had a poetry book out in over 10 years!

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