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Two More Days

I’m back to work this Thursday and I start classes on Monday (a week from today).  I’ve spent the day organizing my desk (how come offices don’t clean themselves over the summer?) and revising my syllabi and class plans for the new school year.  As I was reviewing my notes, I realized that I revise my work for class in the same way that I revise my poems.  I think I may be one of the last poets who still does a lot of her drafting/revising/editing on paper before moving to the computer screen.  I draft all my poems on notebook paper or in small Dollar Store Journals.  I draft my class plans and schedules on notebook paper.  In all cases, I use a lot of scribbles and arrows. I love colored pens (purple is my favorite).  Somehow, I like the messiness of it all!

This week, besides preparing for the new year, I will be enjoying the last days of summer.  I will most likely return to my regularly scheduled blogging by the weekend.