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End-of-the-Month Writing Notes

Tomorrow is August 1, and while summer is not officially over, it’s the time of year when I have to start thinking about the start of the fall semester.   I am back in the office on August 18, and classes start that following Monday.  Still, I have a few weeks to work on my revisions and hopefully send out some submissions before September. 

Loyal Readers of the Scrapper Poet will notice that I haven’t talked too much lately about my writing; instead most of my recent posts have been about what I have been reading.  It’s true that I am catching up on my summer reading list but this past month I have also accomplished a small task that many poets in the blogging world do every April, and that is drafting a poem every day of the month.  I bought a small notebook and started on July 1.  This morning, as I was reading over my work for the month,  I made a list of poems that I thought were worth “saving” — that is poems that I will revise.  I came out with 16 poems.  16!  In one month!??    I have to say that I have always been a bit skeptical of the one poem a day marathons many poets write, but I don’t believe I have ever written 16 solid poetry drafts in one month.  Now, I am eager to go back and see if these drafts, through revision, will turn into solid poems.

In other writing news……well, to be honest, I can’t quite tell you my good news that I received this week.  But I will, soon.  Promise.