In Escape Into Life

Today’s issue of Escape Into Life features poems of mine along with great photography by Mark Cohen.  Take a look!  I love the rough and tumble look of working class childhood Cohen captures in his work. 

Special thanks to Kathleen for recruiting my work for Escape Into Life and for talking about Stealing Dust on her blog today!



  1. Wow. Powerful poems, Karen. Glad they found such a good home and such appropriate companions in the art.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. I mentioned to Kathleen on Facebook how different these poems were from what I’ve read of yours previously. Awesome.

  4. Karen Said:

    Thanks everyone!

    Marie — Yes, they are different. For the past six months or so I have been working a bit with the prose poem. I was afraid that I was writing the same poem over and over again, so working with prose a bit more has helped me break out of a “poetry routine.” I’ve been pretty please with the results. Perhaps I have another chapbook in the works.

  5. Kristin Berkey-Abbott Said:

    Wow! I love the work, and combined with the photos, the poems take on a different power. Intriguing to see what you’re doing with prose poems. Thanks for the poems and for the inspiration!

  6. Mike Bostock Said:

    I just wanted to leave a comment to say that I really like the work you have on ‘Escape into Life’. Your lines took me straight back to those instinctive childhood moments we lose track of as adults. Even though details vary that’s something universal we can all relate to. And I love the way you defy easy pigeon-holing as either ‘poetry’ or ‘prose’. Beautiful writing has it’s own ‘label’.

  7. Karen Said:

    Thanks Mike, I have to admit that this type of writing is new to me — I usually do more narrative/lyrical poetry.

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