Chautauqua Season Starts

…and the summer is rolling along.  I’m taking my first class of the season under the direction of poet Shara McCallum.  The focus of her workshop?  We are exploring the intersection of poetry and history. It’s a topic that I think a lot about, considering that my poems usually have such a strong focus on place.  I’m looking forward to getting some good drafts completed.


  1. Kristin Berkey-Abbott Said:

    Sounds like a cool workshop–I’m selfishly hoping you’ll post the most interesting things you learn. Enjoy!

  2. Gabe Said:

    Shara is great. She gave a wonderful reading here at Juniata last fall.

  3. David Walsh Said:

    The history major in me kicks in, and I’m jealous. Plus you are at one of my favorite places….Sounds great; does Shara specialize in that type of poetry?

  4. Karen Said:

    Kristin — I’m going to try to post a few musings.
    Gabe — She’s been great — I have learned a lot so far…

    David — Shara is from Jamaica and her work is both historical/autobiographical. Her latest book of poetry is focused more on a wider look at Jamaica (it also includes a CD where one can hear her great poetry voice!)

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