To Business Card or Not To Business Card

In this day and age, I should know the answer to the question that I will post today, but I don’t.  So here it goes:  How many poets out there have their own business cards?  If so, did you make them on your own or did you get them printed through your workplace?  My college doesn’t readily hand out business cards (to be honest, I don’t think that too many of my colleagues ask for them), and it’s only been in the last year or so that I ever really thought I would need them.  But at two conferences I’ve been to in the last few months, I’ve had several people ask for my business card and I have been a bit embarrassed when I said, “I don’t have one…” 

To further complicate the issue, I don’t feel that being a poet is really part of my job (in spite of the recent award from the SUNY system and the fact that I teach creative writing at the school), so I feel a bit embarrassed asking for business cards from my college when in fact all I want are cards that have my name, blog, and email address.

Any thoughts on the business card dilemma?  Advice?


  1. Make your own from VistaPrint – affordable and you can put your info on one side and a pic (a cover, etc) on the other.) Definitely include your web site, e-mail and your name. As a writer, you never know when these will come in handy!

  2. David Walsh Said:

    Cards are identity markers, information carriers that give the recipient ways to contact you. You can have the card explain WHAT you are in your professional setting (SCCC makes cards for Pam, and one-third of the card is the college logo) with your various phone numbers, official snailmail address, and email address. Or you can have a card that tells the recipient WHO you are — poet — and your preferred contact phone numbers, email addresses, blog.

  3. Karen Said:

    Thanks Jeannine, I really like VistaPrint’s stuff — and right now they have a really good deal going….

    David — I’m looking for the Who I AM! Maybe I will go to JCC for what I do! Thanks!

  4. VistaPrint always has a really good deal going, Karen! Whenever I need a new supply I usually can get them for free, paying only shipping. A tremendously useful thing to have.

  5. margo roby Said:

    My husband found a place online with neat designs and had business cards made for me. I confess I would not have thought of it myself. They have my name, email, and blog address. And, I have been surprised at how many I have handed to people. If you plan on writing remaining in your life, I recommend getting some.


  6. collinkelley Said:

    Yep, I have a business card especially for my writing. Had mine done through vistaprint, too. It has my name, website, email and other social media contacts.

  7. dryadart Said:

    Karen I’d be glad to do a card for you, email me with what you want it to say and I’ll send options 🙂

  8. Karen Said:

    Thanks Deb — I will take you up on that offer — when I have some time this summer to sit down and get organized!

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