In the Gothic Midwest

I love gothic literature (traditional gothic, Southern Gothic — it doesn’t matter), and I love literature from the Midwest, so when I discovered the new journal, Midwestern Gothic on Mary Biddinger’s blog, I knew that I had to order a subscription.  And I was not disappointed.

The first issue of Midwestern Gothic features both poetry and short stories, and I enjoyed the poetry very much.  Mary Biddinger has three poems published in this issue and I always love her work.  I also liked the poems “Iowa Gothic” by Dan Lewis and “His Wife Called Him Moose” by Paul Scot August.

While I liked the poems found in this issue, I really loved many of the short stories.  “Home Fire” by Geoff Hyatt depicts a relationship between two troubled brothers, while “Splits” by Lindsay Hunter showcases a young girl who watches and learns about sexuality from her mother who remains convinced that “you can’t get pregnant if you do the splits and hold your breath for one whole minute after the boy makes his deposit.”  My favorite piece, however, is a work titled “Cotton Mouth” by Thomas Horan which features a cast of characters that could have stepped out of a short story by Flannery O’Connor.

I know that I have a lot of readers out there who consider themselves Midwestern writers, so I believe this journal is for you! Take a look at the guidelines.  As for me — more good news: I ordered a full subscription which started with issue one.  The next issue is on its way to my doorstep very soon!

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