Blast Furnace Thursday

I just got done with my final grades and am now reading the newest issue of Blast Furnace, which features two of my poems (you will have to scroll down to read my work).   So many great poems here — I especially enjoyed, “Flea Market” by Dalenna Moser.


  1. Oh, Karen, these are wonderful poems. I ache as I read, and sit transfixed by the images of car parts and smoke, things I can smell as well as read. The silo hit me hard. And I have a particular connection to Cassandra. Congratulations, and thank you alerting us to this journal, too! What a great idea.

  2. Karen Said:

    Thanks Kathleen, Both poems hold a special place in my heart so I am happy they found a home!

  3. David Walsh Said:

    Nice material, Karen — I recognize the first one, will go back to my ToddDavis files to see how it has progressed! Congrats; these poems do strike home in many ways.

  4. Karen Said:

    Thanks David! Yes, the junkyard poem is from a workshop — you will notice that although workshop members were divided, I kept the cats!

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