The Rejection Jar

I can’t tell you how much I love this idea!  I just recently found Michael Kardos’ post about keeping a rejection jar — actually finding a jar (he suggests a Mason jar) and throwing in a dollar for every rejection you get in the mail or in your inbox. Then, you are supposed to count the money and spend it on something fun! (No bills, please) I have started my jar and am working retroactively from the start of 2011, so of course I already have money invested in this project.  While I don’t think I will ever learn to “love” rejections, certainly this project will allow me to hate these little form letters a bit less!


  1. Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing it. Will try it, too.

  2. Erin Said:

    What an awesome idea – it might just be the thing that gets me to take those rejections less seriously and submit more often!

  3. […] My blog has been silent because November has started out in a whirlwind — school has kept me busy, poetry drafting has kept me busy, organizing my manuscript has kept me busy.  Plus, I started out the month with two rejections.  Sigh.  I guess that is two more dollars in the Rejection Jar. […]

  4. […] Oh, and I am going to continue with my rejection jar! […]

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