Hot Summer Ahead for Finishing Line Press

My chapbook, Stealing Dust, was published by Finishing Line Press, so I always try to support Finishing Line writers…I have known for some time that Kristin Berkey-Abbott ‘s chapbook will be out this summer and that the press is currently taking preorders.  (Note to those who don’t know much about Finishing Line Press: the number of preorders determines printed copies.  So it’s important to the poet to get as many preorders as possible).

Imagine my surprise (in a good way) when I looked at Finishing Line Press’s summer lineup — some of my favorite poets have chapbooks coming out. Susan Grimm, one of the poetry editors for The Barn Owl Review, has a collection set to be released in late July.  I worked with Susan a few years ago at Chautauqua and have been watching the poetry world for news of upcoming work.  And finally, (Big excitement and drumroll, please), I discovered that Pittsburgh poet Lori Jakiela has a new collection coming out!  The title of her chapbook?  The Mill Hunk’s Daughter Meets the Queen of the Sky.  Now, come on all you working-class writers…you have to be at least a little bit curious about the poems in this collection!

My invitation to you?  Take a look at Finishing Line Press today and see what upcoming collections you could support!



  1. Thanks for this announcement! (I have two FLP chapbooks, and know of other poets & editors with books coming out soon, too! Hoping to read & review some in my own blog & at Fiddler Crab Review, home of the poetry chapbook review!!)

  2. Thanks for the link! I’ll check out the other authors you mention. And soon, perhaps, one of us should look at a map and see if we could organize a Finishing Line Press tour of some type. I’m game for cross-country travel! (but I reserve the right to change my mind as gas prices soar)

  3. Love Kristin’s idea! Also would love to visit PA again (where my dad grew up) and FL (where I grew partly up)!!

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