Springing Ahead

For the last week or so, I have followed a swollen river to work.  The Conewango flooded last Friday morning and it has been shrinking very slowly.  Homes have been underwater, along with camps and vehicles.  Children’s tire swings and woodpiles left from the winter.  I don’t have to write that this scene reminds me of Japan.  All of you watch the news, have seen the pictures, have read the headlines. 

Still, today the sun is out — we have hit sixty degrees here in rural Pennsylvania.  Anthony and I opened our Florida Room, and the cats had a ball chasing each other in the warm sun and watching the bluejays that are hanging out in the pine trees that line our backyard.  I got my contributor’s copy of Cave Wall in the mail today, and am enjoying the poems that have found a home next to my work — poems by some of my favorite poets, including Jim Daniels, Alison Pelegrin, and Jehanne Dubrow. 

Let me be selfish for just a minute and say everything is all right with the world.  Everything is all right with the world.  Let me say this before I go back to working my way through the pile of papers I must grade.  Or before I look at the weather report.  Or before I turn on the news.


  1. Congrats on Cave Wall. Love that journal.

    Also, it’s not selfish to take a moment out to acknowledge what is right with the world. I needed that!

  2. Karen Said:

    Thanks Sandy — Also looking forward to Spring Break!

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