Books Galore Weekend

It’s been a busy week — and I’m afraid that this weekend I am going to have to play some catchup.  But I’m not so busy that I can’t provide some quick links. 

First, both Jeannine Hall Gailey and Kristin Berkey-Abbott have unveiled their covers for their upcoming collections.  Can’t wait to read the complete works!

Second, I am late to the party as always, but Eduardo C. Corral has announced that his manuscript has been selected by Carl Phillips for the 2011 Yale Series of Younger Poets.  Congrats, Eduardo!  Another book I can’t wait to read.

Last, but not least, Michael Meyerhofer’s collection, Damnatio Memoriae, has won the Brick Road Poetry Press prize.  Now, Michael has not made his own announcement yet, but since the news is posted on the Brick Road’s website, I thought I could make a note here just to say how excited I am about Michael’s upcoming collection.  I read Blue Collar Eulogies last year, and I know his latest collection will be a great read.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Karen!

  2. PS As long as you’re not playing with ketchup, then you’re okay.
    Terrible joke, I’m really sorry.

  3. kweyant Said:

    No, no ketchup. Although all the “rain” we are getting looks like the white stuff that has been stacking up all winter.

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