Digging Out, Once Again

The Northeast is recovering from another major storm.  This morning’s commute, which usually takes me about half an hour, was an hour and a half.  One of the main roads I use was closed due to a bad accident, and of course, I had almost no one is class today.  On top of all this, I simply have not been inspired to write, so I haven’t drafted anything new in three weeks. So much for my New Year’s Resolution.

Tonight, while reading about the latest storm on the Weather Channel’s site, I came across an article that lists the top films where “weather plays a starring role.”  Some of the movies include Twister, Wizard of Oz, The Day After Tomorrow, Key Largo, Gone with the Wind, and The Shining.  (Of course, you can read the more complete list at the Weather Channel).

So my question to you, dear readers, is what poems (famous or otherwise) have weather as the main character or driving force behind the poetic lines? Have you ever written a poem where weather was the “starring role”? 

It’s a question I have to think about — or maybe it’s a writing prompt for the weekend (although I don’t really want think about writing about snow!)


  1. Ah, Karen, I hope the snow melts soon! Sorry it’s been such a difficult winter.

  2. Karen Said:

    Sandy, I’m really hoping that this is the last big storm of the winter! Right now, the forecast is calling for rain next week, which brings another problem to this area: flooding.

  3. Kristin Berkey-Abbott Said:

    I’ve written a lot of hurricane poems and other kinds of storm based poems. Plus a few apocalypse in the form of global warming poems.

    Does nuclear winter count as weather? If so, I used to write many of those in my gloomy, undergraduate poet days.

    I also have a few poems where I use the sunny weather as oppressive theme/imagery system.

  4. What a great question! I am going to read poems with this in mind and scout around in the memory and books. Weather weaves throughout Sandy’s Blood Almanac, and I do love “Recitation During the Storm” (p. 57)!!

  5. Aw, thanks for the shout out Kathleen. I confess, I am a meterologist’s poet!

  6. Sara Said:

    My poem, “Weathervane” is about the weather–to be more specific, a really weird, warm night just after Christmas, and when it wasn’t warm anymore, black ice. It just came out in Harpur Palate.

    Hoping for no more winter weather here, too! Fingers crossed!

  7. Karen Said:

    Kristin — I have read a lot of books where hurricanes are in the starring roles. I can see, where you are living, how hurricanes could be central to your poetry.

    Kathleen — I thought of Sandy’s work right after I published this post. Of course, weather is important in her book!

    Sara — I will have to see if I can get a hold of the newest issue of Harpur Palate.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. Maybe I will research a bit more and make a list for the next big snowstorm — which I am hoping is next November!

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