Reporting from Inside the Snow Globe….

Today, I am seeing blue sky, something I have been missing for the last week (maybe even two weeks) or so.  I have lived in the Snow Belt most of my life, so I am used to days upon days of gray; however, usually the major snowstorms wait until the end of December. (Where I live — just an hour or so north, by Lake Erie, the towns are used to three to four feet, at once!)

Still, my grades are in, and besides wading through the holidays, I have major goals for my three weeks of break.  First, I want to finish working on my manuscript.  Second, I have to finish a review I started six months ago (yep — you heard it, six months — talk about being a little behind).  Third, I have to work on a conference proposal.  Finally, I have to get an application together for a grant which means updating my vita, something I haven’t done in two years.

If I get through two of these goals, I will be happy, because on top of all these, I have stacks (not one stack — many stacks) of books to read.  Ron introduced me to Paperback Swap, and now I am addicted.


  1. Stacks! I understand! Blue sky here, too, and sunshine.

  2. Congrats on being finished with grades and all. Hope you get to spend lots of time with those stacks.

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