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Stealing Dust at The Centrifugal Eye

Special thanks to Sherry for her thoughtful review of Stealing Dust published in the latest issue of The Centrifugal Eye (click on page 98 and 99 to see the review).  I know how much time it takes to review a collection of poetry, and I’m always touched when my readers take time out to say something (nice or not!) about my work.

In the final paragraph of her review, Sherry notes, “Weyant’s poems are populated with characters who share hand-me-down clothing, and hand-me-down roles and positions in a blue-collar town.  A quiet strength weaves its way through her poetry, revealing a grounded voice rooted in the power of humanity and nature’s cycles.  There were times when I hoped Weyant would reveal more of the poet who grew up and left such a town.  What became of the dust of the mill when she moved on?” 

What does become of the rust, the debris, the dust — in general, the remnants, of a Rust Belt little town?  In many ways, nature reclaims the ruins.  People move out and on, or stay behind to help build some kind of stronger future.  Some places die — but as poor as the economy is, I have seen the little towns of rural Pennsylvania perk up.   I’m not always the “I” in my poems — but I feel like I am on a first name basis with the girls and women found in my poems.  The review ends with a look to the future:  “Perhaps there will be a sequel, another volume of poetry.  Another book written, another page turned.  Another calendar pinned above the kitchen sink.”

I’m hoping there will be such a sequel.