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CFS: PCEA’s Annual Conference

I don’t usually post call for submissions for conference proposals, but I am very excited by the fact that PCEA’s annual conference is going to be in Erie, Pennsylvania ( about 45 minutes from where I work) this upcoming spring.  PCEA stands for Pennsylvania College English Association and it’s this organization and its conference that helped guide me through the first steps of taking part in the professional academic environment.  When I taught in the Penn State system, I presented at three PCEA conferences — and one such presentation, regarding Stephen Crane’s depiction of prostitution in his novel Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, caused great arguments in my audience.  What fun!

I haven’t been to PCEA in years.  Ten years, to be exact, and I’m hoping that when I go this year, I will get to see some old friends.

Anyways, here are the guidelines for the conference. Author Dinty Moore is the keynote speaker.  Consider submitting a proposal, especially if you live close by — you don’t have to teach in Pennsylvania to join in the fun.