First Snow

Today, on the Weather Channel, I heard that parts of Western New York/Pennsylvania have been in a “snow drought” — that is, we have waited longer than usual for our first snowfall.  I believe that is true.  I remember the first snow as early as the first weeks of October, and more often than not, our first snowfall usually arrives way before the first of November.

But this year, November 27 marks our first snowfall.  I looked out our window this morning to see a light dusting of white on the ground.  As I write this, our cats are sitting in the window, fascinated by the flakes falling from the sky.

And speaking of drought, I have had a “poetry drought” this fall semester.  I have sent out a record number of submissions, but have heard nothing — not even a form rejection, until yesterday, when I found out that my poem, “Splintered” will appear in the Naugatuck River Review.   Hopefully this is the beginning of some kind of end for this poetry drought.


  1. Congratulations! Yes, sometimes when things stay the longest it’s because they are going to take them! Let’s hope so.

  2. Karen Said:

    Kathleen, thanks for the comment. I have never really figured out the game of publishing. Sometimes, I think, editors keep my work because my poetry has made it to some final “round.” Other times, I believe, they just lose my poems! I know editors are very busy — I once served as an assistant editor to a literary journal — it’s a labor of love!

  3. Big Congrats, Karen. It always feels good to break the cycle.

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