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Dear November,

This morning I scraped you off my windshield — along with the first hard frost and stray Maple leaves crinkled at the edges.  I haven’t found my gloves from last winter, and I really did not want to break out my winter coat, but I did.  I don’t mind the winter when it finally comes, but those cold mornings filled with my breath and numb fingers make me want my summer days back.  I love Autumn, but somehow October went by in a flurry of fog and soggy leaves.  I can’t help but think that a first snow will make everything clean and beautiful.

****This little post above is the closest I have come to writing a poem in the last week or so.  I’m behind with my grading.  I’m behind with my drafting.  I’m behind with my emails.  I’m even behind with reading blogs. Here’s hoping that November will be kind and I can catch up!