Dead Birds & Queen Anne’s Lace

Today, I took a long look at my manuscript in progress, and I noticed two things that keep on popping up in my poems: dead birds and Queen Anne’s Lace.  I can see the image of white lace of Queen Anne’s Lace, but why all the dead birds?  Seriously.  I have compiled three dead crows (in three different poems); a peasant and a barn owl (together in a single poem); and two different kinds of sparrows (in two separate poems).  Right now, I have a tentative title for my manuscript, but I’m thinking about changing it to include something with birds….

I am right in the middle of  JCC’s Fall Break, and I’m trying to get caught up with grading.  It’s been a bit tricky to do because after suffering through a week of rain, rain, and more rain (and with all the rain, the damp, cold temperatures), the world has burst into color and warm air, and I want to be outside.  Hopefully, tonight, I will get caught up.


  1. Gabe Said:

    I, too, have a thing with dead birds. But I think as long as you use only one stone to kill them, people are OK with it.

  2. Karen Said:

    Ha! Actually, in two of the poems, the birds died because of bb shot guns. The cause of death is unknown for the rest of the birds.

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