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On the Last Poem from the Summer

I have revised (and in many cases, sent out) every poem I wrote this past summer, except for one.  This poem has been especially frustrating to me because I really want it to work.  Still, when I read through the lines, I’m seeing a lot of boring language and clichés.  Worse yet, I’m really not sure if an audience will make the connections I want them to make in this particular piece.  I’m writing a poem about playing in the abandoned strip mines as a kid and the connections to growing up (aka the changes in a female body).  I know that may not make a lot of sense to those of you reading this post, but I do think the poem can work — it’s just not working right now.

So, when a poem is not working, I often find myself reading other poets who explore similar themes.  I have lots of ideas about landscape — but I’m wondering: who writes about the female body in an honest way without diving into clichés?  Any recommendations?  Maybe you have written a poem that does this that you would like to share?  Sharon Olds’ work comes to mind, but I am drawing a blank on any others…Suggestions are welcome.