Can One Overdose on Poetry?

Autumn is in the air.  I woke up early this morning, got ready to go to work, and with one step out my front door, I said Yep, October is just around the corner.  Outside of the cool weather and overcast conditions, there was the smell of Autumn — like someone is burning leaves.

I’m recovering from a busy weekend, including a Sunday afternoon spent in Pittsburgh where I attended the Small Press Festival.  For me, because I am so secluded, it’s always great to meet up with people who share my love of literature, and especially poetry.  However, this event was more than simply talking with other poets — I got to meet the great Ron Mohring, founder and editor of Seven Kitchens Press.   (Ron even got to put up with Anthony talking baseball, which is wonderful, because my poor fiance always looks lost at what he calls these “artsy” events).  I got to meet R.J. Gibson, author of the great chapbook, Scavenge,  has been published by Seven Kitchens Press.  I briefly talked with Laura from Weave Magazine, and also chatted for quite a bit with the lovely people from Caketrain.

So, I guess this brings me to the heading of my post: Can one overdose on poetry?  I hope not — I picked up 7 books, 2 chapbooks, and one literary journal.  As much as small presses need my money right now, I need to spend so time catching up on my reading!

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  1. Karen, it was delightful to meet you both!

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