Getting Lost in an Online Journal

Diane Lockward has a great post about online journals, giving a list of some of her favorites.  I know many of these journals, have even published in a few, but there were some new ones.  I absolutely love Conte, a Journal of Narrative Writing.

I know that many people are dismissive of online journals, but I have to assert this point.  Online journals have given me a wider audience (my students can read my work online instead of trying to search out literary journals that are almost impossible to get in rural New York/Pennsylvania), and I have even sold more copies of my chapbook because of online work.  So, here’s to the unlimited possibilities (or almost unlimited) online journals can give to future art.


  1. i agree, karen. the work i have in print journals can only be read by those who purchase the journal. my daughter keeps a copy of each journal in her room, but prefers to see my work online because that is where “she is.” if having our work read and experienced by others is important to us, it seems that online journals make that more possible.

    btw, looking foward to your book!

  2. Thanks, Karen, for the link. My next post will be about the benefits of publishing online. The point you make in your post is one I’ll have in my list–also Sherry’s. It’s good to hear you say that some sales have come your way as a result of online publications. I’ve wondered if the presence of so much poetry online might have a deleterious effect on book sales.

  3. Karen Said:

    You know — that is something I did think about. If a reader can see so much of the poet’s work online, why would he or she buy the poet’s collection in print? I try to divide my work between print and online, I guess. I took a look at the table of contents in my chapbook. Out of 20 poems, 17 had been previously published in journals. Out of these 17, only 4 had been published online. So, I guess I reader of my chapbook would be reading a lot of poems from print journals, also.

  4. SarahJ Said:

    I think it’s pretty impossible to be dismissive of online journals anymore. And you are so right about reaching an audience. I want to read something of a poet’s work before I plunk down $16 for a book, so poets who go print exclusively are ruling me out as a reader – and I assume a lot of other people, too.

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