Saturday Morning Bits

I’ve been a bit MIA this week.  A big house without a cat seems…well bigger than it should be.  In an effort to move back to the poetry world, here are some bits-n-pieces of blogging news.

First, book news galore.  Martha Silano has won the Saturnalia Book Prize for her manuscript, The Little Office of Immaculate Conception.    Justin Evans book, Town for the Trees,  has been picked up for publication.  And remember when I reviewed Erica Wright’s chapbook, Silt?.  Well, I just found out that Black Lawrence Press will be publishing her full length collection, Instructions for Killing the Jackal.  I’m a bit out of it — apparently this announcement was made way back in January.  Congratulations to all!

Katie Cappello has a great post about the literary journal Gulf Coast which is hosting a subscription drive to help the cleanup of the Gulf.  Take a look and consider subscribing.  I do not know the literary journal, Gulf Coast, but I’m planning on picking up a subscription and reading…

Finally, there’s been a lot of talk about online submission managers, whether or not poets should pay to submit, etc…  I have mixed feelings about paying for submitting; however, submission managers scare me, and I will tell you why.  I have never had a poem picked up for publication through submission manager.  Yes, I’ve had publications through snail mail and through email, but never through a submission manager system.  While I am sympathetic to literary journal editors (I used to be one, myself), I am wondering if online manager systems simply make it too easy to hit “Reject.”   Yes, I am a bit nervous about this shift in submission policies out there….

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