Dates & Deadlines

It’s nothing like the official first day of summer to get a person kicked into high gear.  I simply can’t believe that June is slipping away so fast.  There’s so much I want to get done before school starts in the fall.

Right now, I’m finishing up an online poetry workshop, but in another week, the official Chautauqua season starts.   I just signed up for classes with poets Maggie Anderson and Todd Davis, but I will also be acting as workshop assistant for poet Stephen Haven.  Good times ahead here.

In another month, I will be presenting a book review/lecture on poet William Heyen’s A Poetics of Hiroshima.  I am knee deep in research right now, so in the next week or so, I hope to start pulling some of my thoughts together.

Last week, I also received a stack of poetry books in the mail.  What’s on my list of summer reading? How to Catch a Falling Knife by Daniel Johnson, More by Barbara Crooker, The Ghost of Cesar Chavez by David Dominguez,
Man on Extremely Small Island by Jason Koo, Closing Distances by Paul Martin and At Any Moment by Jean LeBlanc  (Just to name a few!)

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