RIP: Rane Arroyo

I heard through the blogging world today about Rane Arroyo’s death.  I waited until I had actual confirmation before I posted this note.

Rane is one of the few poets I met through reviewing — well, I didn’t really “meet” him — we corresponded through email.  Because I am a closet X-Files junkie, I desperatly wanted his collection, The Roswell Poems, and I was having a hard time getting a hold of a copy, so I contacted him directly.  He sent me a copy — in record time!  When I thanked him, he wrote, “I try to be an honest man — in my life and in my poetry.”

My review for The Roswell Poems is still up on Strange Horizons.

Besides The Roswell Poems, I have read Rane Arroyo’s other poems, and have enjoyed them.  He will be missed.


  1. […] and “joy” recur in all of them, matching my own impression of him. Karen Weyant talks about reviewing one of his recent books. Steve Fellner let’s Rane’s poetry speak for itself, as does Eduardo Corral. Larry La […]

  2. Glenn Sheldon Said:

    It’s great he got the Roswell Poems to you. There are some tentative plans to turn it into a staged play, but those are still in early stages. It’s a great, fun, brave book. Thanks for your nice comments here!

  3. Karen Said:

    Thanks Glenn for stopping by. I will keep my eyes open for the play!

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