Still Life with Boxes

Everyone tells me that it takes months to unpack boxes and get organized in a new home.  Unless you are super organized (which I am not), I believe it.  We are experiencing summer like weather, and of course, everyone is breaking out the sandals and casual clothes.  I have no idea where my summer clothes are at this point, even though I need to find them fast.  Summer is coming.

It’s the first of May! It’s hard to believe we had snowflakes the other day, but spring is here.  I have to say that the month of April (poetry wise), was a complete washout.  I wrote two poems and revised one.  I sent out one small submission package.  I barely read any poetry.  But hopefully, even among all the boxes, I can get back on track, soon.


  1. Good luck with the unpacking! (In my 20’s and early 30’s I moved every 18 – 24 months…usually across the country!)…I loved the clean-slate feeling of a new space. (Although now that I’ve lived in one place for 5 years…oh wow!…I can’t imagine the work of boxing and unboxing again) Hope you are enjoying the house!

  2. Oy. What she said! Now that you’re a homeowner, you can settle in & REALLY start to accumulate books… 🙂

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