While I’ve Been Packing…

…the world of writing still turns.  I received news that Harpur Palate will be publishing one of my poems in the summer issue!  Also, just in time for National Poetry Month, the newest issue of Poets’ Quarterly is now live.  My review of Timothy Green’s American Fractal is there, along with other reviews including Sarah J Sloat’s In the Voice of a Minor Saint, January O’Neil’s Underlife, and Karyna Mcglynn’s I Have to go Back to 1994 and Kill a Girl.

Everyone is talking about AWP.  I was supposed to go to AWP this year — but with the move, I called off my plans a few weeks ago.  I just couldn’t see traveling right now — any plans would add to my stress level.  Maybe next year. 

Finally, congrats to both M.J. Iuppa and Suzanne Frischkorn.  Their books are on my shopping list…as soon as I can actually find my book shelves, I am going to order copies. 


  1. Sara Said:

    Karen, we’re going to be neighbors in HP! Rock on!

  2. Karen, Sorry to hear you’re not going to make it to AWP – but I’ll see you there next year, hopefully!

  3. Congratulations on the acceptance! Hooray!

  4. Next year in D.C.! Much closer for all of us East Coasters. I’m planning on being there, since I have family in the area to help defray lodging expenses.

  5. Congrats on HP! Good luck packing and unpacking.

  6. suzanne Said:

    Congratulations! And thank you for the shout out 🙂

  7. M.J.Iuppa Said:

    Hi Karen,

    Congrats on upcoming publication. HP is a terrific journal. Thanks for the shout out too. I’m planning on going to AWP next year. The drive is easy-going and I would welcome a dose of Spring in Washington. Haven’t been there in years, but used to go frequently when my brother-in-law was in law school there. Love spending time in the museums.
    Maybe I would be able to do both.


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