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On a Mission

My colleague is currently teaching an American Literature II this semester (second half of a survey class that many of our Humanities and Education majors take).  Today, I received an email from her telling me that she is a bit dismayed about how many of our students hate (not merely dislike) poetry.  I’m not surprised by her email — or by her students’ reactions.  I have known my students hatred of poetry mostly because I teach creative writing which yes, does indeed, incorporate poetry.  Most of the time I can get them to at least appreciate poetry.  But not always.

My colleague is on a mission.  She wants to post one poem on Angel (It’s our school’s online course management system) for a month to get our students to read more American poetry.  I have lots of poems in mind for her — but for those of you who teach undergraduates (either at the four-year, or two-year/community college level), I would be interested in seeing titles (and maybe links if they are online) of poems (along with poets) that your students have especially liked.  Or maybe…if you can remember the first poems you personally fell in love with, that would be great, too!