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Happy B-Day, Stealing Dust!

One year ago, I was at the NeMLA conference in Boston, and I was having dinner with Mary.  We talked about many things that evening, but the one thing that I remember joking about was that my copies of Stealing Dust, my first chapbook, were on their way to my doorstep in Western New York (people who preordered my chapbook, saw the final copy before I did).  Yes, it’s true — Stealing Dust’s birthday is tomorrow, and here at The Scrapper Poet blog we are celebrating by giving away three copies!

Here is how you can get your copy: Please drop me an email at to request your copy.  Do not leave a note on my blog; use email.  You don’t have to tell me much in the note.  I am interested in why you are requesting a copy, (you read my blog, you like workingclass literature, you are one of my students who silently reads my blog but you don’t know how to get a copy of my chapbook, you have always wanted my book but are on a budget, you think that I am one of those evil poets that David Alpaugh talks about in the now infamous article “The New Math of Poetry,” etc….).  Also, include your address.

For all its flaws, I am proud of this chapbook.  It has its readers, both local and nationally.  It has been used in college classrooms.  I have talked about it at conferences.  While I still believe that a full length collection is a long way in the future, I believe Stealing Dust is a wonderful start.  Thanks to all of you out there who have blogged about my chapbook, recommended my work to others and written formal reviews of the poems.  Thanks so much!