Wow. Buying a House

I haven’t written about this on my blog, but I wanted to relay that Anthony and I are making our way (slowly) towards becoming first time home owners.  The process has been frustrating.  I consider myself an educated woman — survived the years of financial aid forms, taxes, car ownership, but holy cow!  This is crazy.  I spent three hours on the phone today wading through papers, mistakes, more papers, and numbers.  Yes, we have made an offer on a house, but right now things are up in the air.  I’m a “right now” sort of person, so all this paperwork is driving me crazy.

Yes.  This is a small rant.  If you are a houseowner, words of wisdom would be helpful.  Before I lose my sanity.

And no.  I’m never going to get a good poem out of all of this.



  1. Congratulations!

    I bought a wee house of my own during the time before husband & children–it’s a tough process, & probably more so now that they’re no longer throwing money at applicants. Words of wisdom? Until the day you close, don’t depend on any of it! It’s all provisional, until it’s not. Which is no help at all, I know.

    My first winter in my new little house, my pipes froze, & burst, in the crawlspace. I didn’t have the money to do the major replumbing required, & went w/o running water until April. I never did get a poem out of it.

    Good luck — I hope it all goes smoothly for you!

  2. Good luck sweetie!

  3. It’s tough–you think you’ll never get to the point where you sign paperwork, and then you do, and then it’s all settled, and then you have a whole other world that you didn’t know existed, a whole other set of chores, a whole other language, a whole other group of people who you’ll get to know because you own a house.

    I’ve gotten poems I never would have expected–and wouldn’t have gotten any other way–but it may be years.

    And when any of it drives me batty, from the initial paperwork to the home repairs to putting the house on the market, I remind myself that I’m lucky to be able to afford a house, lucky to be able to afford the headaches.

    I’m old-fashioned. I like a place to call my own, a place I might pay off and then, as long as I pay the taxes, no one can take it away from me (yup, you hear the voice of my Depression era Grandma in those words).

  4. kweyant Said:

    Thanks everyone — I’ve heard from a number of people about how frustrating the process is, so I guess what I am feeling is normal. It’s just that I have people from all sides pushing me to hurry the process for other people who will not be huried. Sigh.

    Anthony and I are considering ourselves lucky — with so many people in such bad shape in this country, we are fortunate to face these problems. Sometimes, though, on a Friday afternoon after a day of teaching, I forget. Your note was a reminder.

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