The Unthinkable at Rattle

A few years ago, poet Maggie Anderson recommended the work of Irene McKinney to me — and I have been in love with McKinney’s work since I picked up a used copy of Six O’Clock Mine Report (at the time the book was out of print).  I was happy to see that Red Hen Press has published a collected works of this wonderful poet.  I talk a little about Unthinkable: Selected Poems 1976 – 2004 in a brief review over at Rattle — I have to admit that talking about a collected works is a bit different than reviewing a brand new book with brand new poems.  But it’s a great collection, and one I am glad to have on my own personal bookshelf.



  1. RJ Gibson Said:

    Thanks for doing such a fine review of Irene’s book. She was my teacher when I was an undergrad–she is, I think a poet who deserves to be wider known than she is. I’m going to email her a link to the review.

  2. Karen Weyant Said:

    Thanks RJ for stopping by — I agree. I have often wondered why McKinney’s work doesn’t get more attention!

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