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Frozen Pipes & Writer’s Block

On my blog, it may look like I had a productive January — but I really haven’t.  January is a hard month for me.  The two worst things that have ever happened to me happened in the month of January.  So, logical or not, I start out every New Year, waiting for terrible news.  When the month is over, I breathe a sigh of relief.  Alas, I haven’t written one new poem yet this year.  I know that many people don’t really believe in writer’s block, and I do understand why. I don’t believe that I’m suffering from writer’s block — right now, I just feel like I am writing the same poem over and over again — just with different images and words (and sometimes, the images and words just are not very good).

So….this past weekend, Anthony and I battled frozen pipes.  We have been in the same apartment since 2001, and our pipes have never frozen — not even during those months when the temperature barely reached zero.  But something happened this weekend, and our poor maintenance guy had to dunk into the crawl space to thaw our pipes.  I’m spoiled.  I miss having hot water! 

The moral of this blog post is not to lament frozen pipes, but to perhaps say that my writer’s block is over.  I was telling Anthony that my mother was a pro at thawing frozen pipes with hair dryers…and presto! I have a new idea for a poem, with implications for class issues, feminist issues and even fun language!

And if my writer’s block is not truly over? I’m going to look at Sandy’s prompt list she posted yesterday.  There are some great ideas in there….