Movie Break, the Sequel

Last month, I talked a bit about the portrayal of writers in movies.  Several of you suggested other names of movies that portray writers in today’s society.  During the days that I couldn’t get out my front door because of all the snow, I spent my time catching up a bit on my movie watching.  I loved Wonder Boys — in fact, I went back and reread the novel.   I watched The Dark Half.  So Stephen King.  I liked Stranger Than Fiction.  I also liked Adaptation.   In one way or another, all these films offered glimpses of a contemporary writer’s life — whether it’s academic woes and writer’s block found in Wonder Boys or the challenge of bringing a book to the big screen — a problem explored in Adaptation.  Still, in my creative writing class, I think I am going to show clips from Throw Momma From the Train and maybe Room 1408.   I think I can find short segments from both these films that display problems in writers’ lives — most of the other movies that I watched are a bit too complex for me to make due with just a short clip.   I’m eager to see what my students say about the portrayals found in the films. 

Classes started today; my creative writing class meets tomorrow.  I love the frenzy of a new semester.

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