CLSC Book Three: Year of Wonders

I haven’t posted about my CLSC books since October, only because I haven’t had time to even look at the CLSC reading list, let alone actually read one of the books.  But now I’m catching up a bit with my reading with Geraldine Brooks’ Year of Wonders, a novel about a small little village in England that quarantined itself during a plague year.  The novel is based loosely on the historical Eyam, and because I like history, I thought I would like to book.  I did.  In spite of the gruesome details and the graphic violence found in the pages, I found drawn to the story and the main character of Anna, who witnesses the demise of her surroundings and records both the best and worst of those around her.  I have read works by Brooks before (including the wonderful and insightful nonfiction book, Nine Parts of Desire), but Year of Wonders makes me want to look up the read of this author’s fiction.


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  1. March is my favorite book of hers–the perfect title! And a wonderful read!

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