Over Break

What I should do over Thanksgiving Break:  Take a day and clean my office.  I am surrounded by books, folders, and papers.  My coffee cup that reads Poetry Works has coffee that is three days old. I know.  That is disgusting and something you didn’t really want to know.

What I will probably do: Sleep in, watch Lifetime original movies, and pet the cat.  Oh, and catch up on my reading including Temper by Beth Bachmann, Poppin Johnny by George Wallace, Hunger All Inside by Marie Gauthier, and Ink for an Odd Cartography by Michele Battiste.


  1. Oh, ideal Thanksgiving movie viewing (pick up at video store) instead of LIfetime (you deserve an upgrade!)
    –Buffy Season 2 (Not just for Thanksgiving – good all year round!)
    –The Holiday (sappy but so fun to watch Jude Law and Kate Winslet)
    –Brigit Jones (the first one, not the terrible second one – surprisingly seasonal!)
    –Julie and Julia (this one’s not out til Dec 8th, but I thought I’d include it.)

  2. Enjoy your break…ah, the joys of an academic schedule!

  3. Thanks, Karen, I hope you like it! I’m glad to hear you’ll use your mini-break (shades of “Bridget Jones” which I really really liked 🙂 ) to relax. It’s against the law to use a holiday to clean your work space. Or it should be. Dump the coffee in the sink (yuck!), but papers, files, & folders can wait!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. kweyant Said:

    Thanks everyone! Yes, I had a class tonight — and I think that I am the only prof in the world who had 18 out of 20 students show up to a class the night right before break starts. Not sure what was up with that?!

    Oh, and I did dump my coffee into the sink and rinse out the mug. I figured that was a good start.

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