Monday, Monday

Well, there are Mondays and then there are Mondays.  Today has fallen into the latter category.  For those of you who teach in the college setting (and perhaps high school, as well, I never taught in the high school atmosphere so I don’t want to speak for high school teachers), you know how things go a little crazy in November.  That’s what my life is right now: totally nuts.

On the bright side, special thanks goes out to Sandy, for highlighting one of my poems found in Stealing Dust!  Thanks again, Sandy!


  1. November, crazy? Me too. Why do I forget this every year? I should be prepared for it by now.

  2. Usually, curiosity kills the cat. For me, curiosity introduces me to new poetry. Loved reading your writing, Karen. Growing up in Arizona, I know so little about these things. I suppose now, I can save money on that plane ticket. 🙂

  3. kweyant Said:

    Hi Sandy — it has now become a week of Mondays. Is that possible? I think so.

    Thanks Ellen for stopping by — and your kind words.

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