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Home, Again

What can I say?  My visit to Clarion University was nothing short of fabulous.  It’s been ten years since I have been back to Clarion — and it’s amazing that nothing has really changed in the town itself.  Even the little coffee shop where I read looks exactly the same (the name has changed, but yep — nothing else has!).  I also got to see faculty members I have not seen in years.  Simply wonderful.

The best part of the day, of course, was meeting students.  Besides visiting two classes, I also spoke to a group about my hodgepodge of a career, and my life as a poet.  My presentation (which was pretty informal) spoke about marketing oneself, and I talked quite a bit about blogging.  I was a bit surprised — the students in the audience were in their late teens and early 20’s (I think) and most really did not know a lot about blogging.  I guess Facebook really is taking over the world.

And my reading was fantastic — I think I spoke to a room of over 40 students.  I received a lot of compliments — and even sold a few more books (many of the students already had my chapbook from class.  Poet Philip Terman used Stealing Dust in his classes).  One student came up to me after the reading and said “That was awesome.” 

Okay — so this post is coming out like a me, me, me, shameless plug me posting, so I will stop here.  For those faculty members who may take a look at my blog, and for students who may now google my name, special thanks and warm hugs are being sent to you from Western New York.  I truly had a great time!  With the warm Autumn weather holding out, and the beautiful drive through rural Pennsylvania, it really was like going home again.