Autumn is Fading…

We have had a beautiful week in Western New York, but as I am looking out my office window, I am noticing that the leaves are almost gone and the blue sky is slowly fading to Snow Belt Gray….

I was hoping that the beautiful weather would continue  because I am traveling a bit this week.  On Thursday and Friday, I will be visiting my Alma Mater, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, for a reading at Michelle’s Cafe on Main Street in Clarion.  A professor at Clarion University is using Stealing Dust for his class and I will not only be reading, but also visiting classes to talk about working class literature and poetry.  The full news release is here.  If you happen to be in Western PA, please stop by and say hi —


  1. Oh, have a terrific time on your tour! I’ll cross my fingers for your weather…

  2. How fun! You might actually be traveling on the 2 nicest weather days of the week — good luck!

  3. These are my favorite author appearances. Hope you have a great trip! The students will be lucky to talk with you.

  4. kweyant Said:

    Thanks so much, ladies! I really had a great time.

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