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Lost in the Land of Assessment

Well, it’s more like I am lost in the land of statistics.  Right now, JCC is working on its accreditation process and I don’t think I have ever seen so many numbers in my life.  I’m in charge of writing part of the document for accreditation and it’s frustrating.  I write a paragraph.  I look at the statistics.  I write a paragraph explaining the statistics.  I feel unsure about said paragraph.  I call our assistant dean in the research and planning department.  She explains the statistics.  I go back and erase my paragraph.


And then I repeat the process.   I suppose I should be rather proud of myself. I have worked on this for over a week and I now have five paragraphs that make sense. 

Overall, I am starting to believe that there are those of us who just are not supposed to do administrative work. 

The moral of this story?  Poets, although they should be assessed, should never be accredited.