RIP: Patrick Swayze

When I think of Patrick Swayze, I think of my mother, who played Dirty Dancing over and over again until our VHS tape broke.  She loved, absolutely loved, to watch him dance.  Now, that both of them are gone, I am feeling a little sad tonight. 


  1. such sad news…who could resist Johnny?

  2. He brought a real tenderness to that role — your mom had great taste. It’s weird, I feel like we’re too young to be seeing so many icons of our generation dying. Who’s next, Madonna??

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling sad and nostalgic. My favorite Swayze movie: Point Break. Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze!

    But I also liked Dirty Dancing, more than I thought I would. We saw it at the dollar movie (no such theatres in our town anymore) when we needed a break from grad school. I went just to have a break and to sit in cheap air conditioning. But I fell under the spell of the movie.

    John Hughes and Patrick Swayze in 6 weeks–sigh.

  4. Karen Said:

    Yes, this past year has been especially hard on 80’s icons. Sigh.

  5. dryadart Said:

    sending you a hug….

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