The new issue of Innisfree is live, with poems by Diane Lockward, Kristin Berkey-Abbott, Brent Fisk, and Lyn Lifshin.  Innisfree’s  “Closer Look” column for this issue takes a look at the work of Alice Friman.  And in a small bit of shameless self promotion (which I have been doing a lot lately — I will get back to my regular blog posts as soon as the school semester evens out a bit), my poem “Dry Spell”  has also been published here.


  1. Great poem, Karen!

  2. How’s a body supposed to know where to read your poems if you don’t tell her? Self-promote away!

    “a field mouse I pried loose
    from a purple thistle, paws limp
    in prayer”


  3. Karen Weyant Said:

    Thanks Collin! This is one of my favorite poems — so I am happy it has found a home.

    Marie, I usually don’t mind self promotion, but I’ve been doing a lot lately — so that was the reason behind my small apology. Glad you liked the poem.

  4. Great poem! It’s wonderful to appear in this journal with you.

  5. I think I wrote the poem “She Complains About the Mockingbird” after I was told I should not have mockinbirds in poems. I believe I was also told this same thing about nightingales. Pretty sure the insect thing also applies to crickets, moths, butterflies…in the northwest, herons and salmon.

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