Canning Season

Thanks to Ron, who posted my poem “Canning Season”  on his blog about working class poems.   A number of people who have read Stealing Dust have cited this poem as one of their favorites, so I am glad that with this post, my poem will reach a wider audience. 


  1. David Walsh Said:

    Karen, that was also one of my favorites in ‘Stealing Dust’; i also seem to remember you used it in the Chautauqua poetry seminar in 2008.

    But the greatest surprise for me was the web site in which it is cited: Lycoming College is my alma mater, a marvelous place. I have stayed involved with their alumni work. Have you worked with Ron?

  2. Karen Weyant Said:

    Yes, “Canning Season” was a poem that we workshopped a bit at Chautauqua!

    Ron and I only know each other through the blogging world. (We hope to actually “meet” someday) You should check out his press (if you don’t know it yet). It’s Seven Kitchens. The page is

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