In Borrowed Towns

If I was doing a formal review of Borrowed Towns  by Richard Newman, I would have to think long and hard about why a poet would choose to place Bigfoot and Mothra poems (even if they are rather charming Bigfoot and Mothra poems) in a collection of works that are otherwise explorations of the beautiful and the bizarre in small Midwestern towns.  But since I am just rambling a bit on my blog, I have to say that Borrowed Towns  is one of the best books of poetry I have read in a long time.  Richard Newman is one of the poets that I wish I would have discovered long before now.  Whether he is writing about old coins or a small outcast of a boy, Newman manages to aproach his subjects with both honesty and charm.  The people in this collection are funny and real, and the landscape is beautiful.  My personal favorite?  The concluding poem, “Slow Fires” where the poet describes a whole world burning, as a coal fire rages beneath the ground. 

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