So, it’s August

And the month has started out with a whimper.  Saturday morning I got two rejection notes, via email.   Both rejections came within an hour.  I don’t usually write about my rejections, but this is a record for me!

But, I have to say that the month has gotten better.  Yesterday, I went on to the Chautauqua grounds to hear a poetry reading by Catherine Bowman.  Catherine read poems from The Plath Cabinet, her newest collection of work inspired by the life (and artifacts) of Sylvia Plath.  This week I will be taking a workshop with her.  I had my first session today, and already have lots of new writing and teaching ideas.


  1. But haven’t you found that the longer you do the poetry thing, the rejections sting less and less?

  2. Karen Weyant Said:

    Yes! I may be warped, but I actually found the whole thing a little funny — and to be honest, both markets were long shots, anyways! Plus, one editor did a personal rejection inviting me to submit again, so the rejections were not a total loss.

  3. Oh, I loved The Plath Cabinet–so delightfully weird in spots, poignant in others. Would’ve love to hear her read!

    Form rejections still sting me! As long as there’s some sort of personalization, like yours, I’m okay with it. But 2 in one day, which I also experienced a few weeks ago, one in email, one snail mail, it shouldn’t be allowed.

  4. Anne Said:

    I had a semester workshop with Cathy Bowman a few years back – she’s a good teacher. I picked up The Plath Cabinet at AWP, but it’s still in the monstrous “to read” pile… think it’s floating up closer to the top of said pile, though!

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